Elderberry Syrup for Cold and Flu

elderberry-syrup-cold-fluCold and flu season is in full swing around the Northern hemisphere. When illness strikes, most people can’t just lay in bed until they’re feeling better, so they search for remedies to help them get better, faster.

Unfortunately, the side effects of pharmaceutical remedies for the cold and flu (like Tamiflu) are widely recognized. Due to the side effects, more and more people are turning to natural remedies for the cold and flu. Elderberry syrup is a long-time remedy that is becoming popular again.

If you haven’t heard of or tried elderberry syrup yet, elderberries (Sambucus nigra):

  • Help support the immune system
  • Are rich in antioxidant flavinoids and anthocyanin
  • Contain vitamins A, B and C
  • Encourage the discharge of mucus and phlegm from respiratory passages
  • Promote perspiration, which helps the body release toxins

There is even evidence that suggests elderberry extract (often referred to as elderberry syrup) can inactivate the flu virus. This means that elderberry extract has been shown to shorten the duration of the flu.

While you can make your own elderberry syrup at home, when you or your child is sick, you often just want a remedy right away, without any extra time or steps. Fortunately you can purchase prepared elderberry syrup that can help you shorten the length of the flu.

sambucolWhere to Buy Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup should be available for purchase at your local health food store, and some pharmacies carry it as well. You can also buy a variety of elderberry syrups and extracts online from Healthy Planet, such as Sambucol Black Elderberry Kids and Flora Sambu Elderberry.


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