How to Add Chlorella to Your Diet

How to Add Chlorella To Your Diet Health Benefits

Last week, we talked about the amazing health benefits of chlorella. This green algae is not only a superfood, it’s also considered “nature’s multivitamin” because of the numerous benefits it has for our health and well-being. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients, like magnesium and iron, and it’s a wonderful source of plant-based protein!

Once  you’ve gotten your chlorella powder, capsules or tablets, naturally the next question is “what am I supposed to do with this stuff?” We understand it can be a little daunting when jumping into something new like taking green algae supplements, so we’ve put together a little guide to get you on your way.

How Much to Take Per Day

Your supplement should have your daily recommended dosage listed right on the label, but as a general guide, depending on which form you’re taking:

Adults: 1-2 teaspoons (3-4 g)
Children: 1 teaspoon (1-2 g)

Tablets (500mg)
Adults: 6-8 tabs
Children: 2-4 tabs

Capsules (600mg)
Adults: 5-7 caps

How to Take Chlorella

If you’re taking the tablets or capsules, your work is already done. Just take them with some water or juice, about half an hour before meals.

If you’re opting for the powder form, there are many ways in which to add chlorella to your daily regimen. You can either add the powder to water or juice, or add it into your smoothie or green juice. You may also sprinkle it right onto your salads, yogurt, or cereal.

Some people like to use both the powder and the pills together, using the powder in their morning smoothie/juice and taking the pills with them to work or school to eat throughout the day.

Some Tips and Precautions

  • When first adding chlorella to your diet, it’s recommended to do so gradually, working your way up to the daily recommended dosage.
  • Do not take vitamin C with chlorella because it can loosen the binding of the heavy metals the chlorella is holding. These toxins can go right back into your tissues rather than being eliminated. Do not take vitamin C within 3 hours of a chlorella protocol dose.
  • Chlorella is best when spread out into multiple doses throughout the day (about half hour before meals) to help the body absorb all the nutrients. If taking the entire dose all at once, it’s recommended to do so around breakfast time.
  • Do not add chlorella to hot drinks or anything that will be heated, cooked, or baked, as the heat will destroy its nutritional value. Instead, add it to cold drinks, cereal, yogurt, or raw desserts.
  • Due to the cleansing and detoxifying nature of chlorella, you may experience a mild headache, diarrhea, or gas when first adding it to your diet. These symptoms are normal and should subside within a few days. If you experience these symptoms, try cutting the next dose in half. If the symptoms persist, discontinue use immediately and consult your health care physician.

Where to Buy Chlorella Supplements

Healthy Planet carries a wide variety of chlorella supplements, including the powder, capsules, and tablets. Remember, this month until June 5th, 2013 the Organic Traditions Chlorella Powder is on sale for $13.99 – that’s 13% off the regular price!

So what is your favorite way to take chlorella? Do you prefer the powder or pill form? What health benefits are you enjoying from taking chlorella supplements?


Image: Martina Lukacova

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Sarah UmmYousef is a former school teacher turned stay-at-home wife and mama with a passion for all things simple, natural, and homemade. She loves the natural world, and believes the solutions to many of the world’s ailments lie in nature. Her blog, Nature’s Nurture, began as a way to document her family’s journey to a greener home, but has since become a thriving community and resource for those wishing to take small steps towards a more eco-friendly, natural and sustainable lifestyle. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “How to Add Chlorella to Your Diet

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    • Great question, Matthew! Although they’re very similar, there are a few key differences. Chlorella is an older species than spirulina and contains higher amounts of the key nutrients, especially iron and chlorophyll. Chlorella’s higher chlorophyll content makes it a much better detoxifier, and it also contains higher levels of antioxidants.

      Another interesting fact I just learned is that chlorella has a true nucleus, while spirulina does not.

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